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Leader in Luxury Hotel Furniture

For nearly 40 years now, Meubles Saint-Damase has been one of a handful of visionaries who keep redefining the hotel experience.

Thanks in great part to our some 130 supremely competent and dedicated craftspeople, as well as cutting edge technology, Meubles Saint-Damase has grown to become among the most respected and sought-after furniture makers of top-tier hospitality establishments and boutique-hotels.

Worldwide Presence

We Get Into the Most Gorgeous Hotels on the Planet

Meubles Saint-Damase is not your run-of-the-mill furniture maker. No two series are alike–except for their outstanding quality.

Our clients operate some of the most coveted hotels on the planet, and we provide them with products that exceed the highest industry standards.

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Great things are on the way for Meubles Saint-Damase. Even during these trying times, our facilities are running non-stop.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have time to answer your questions or discuss your projects.
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Meubles Saint-Damase is always looking for people of love to work, and work well.

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